4 Responses to “How Much House Can You Buy?”

Very informative article. I’m currently looking to buy a new home so I
appreciate the info. It will help me save money so that I can afford
the furniture to put in my home, maybe a  bakers rack or something ;)  

Thanks for the advice! My fiance’ and I are currently looking at
 purchasing our first home.  We saw a house this
weekend that we love and are just waiting to get pre-approved for a
loan before we make an offer.  It’s an exciting time-I’m
already starting to buy things for this home-I know -counting my
chickens before their hatched-but the chandelier
I picked out for the foyer is worth every penny :)  I’ve
secretly been worried that the cost of the house would be too much for
us to handle financially. According to your stats though, this house is
in the right range for us.  That gives me good piece of mind.

I’ve worked with people buying and building homes way beyond their means. Yes, by the numbers, they can afford it, but what if one of the wage earners looses their job? etc.

Thanks for the information. I recently spent a ton of time looking at real estate postcards when buying our new house. It was a tough call. It is hard to say just how much house to buy. Based on the estimates you provided, we probably bought too much house for our money. Oh well, that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes!

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